Affordable Auto Insurance is Easy and Fast

End your search for affordable auto insurance. Payless Auto Insurance is your insurance expert for insurance shopping in Texas. We are an independent insurance agency with trained staff to help you find and obtain liability auto insurance in Texas.

We have 11 locations in Texas. Find the nearest location here to plan your visit. Or, answer just a few questions to get accurate live quotes online/over the phone.


The high cost may make you think if you really require auto insurance. Being an insured driver, you get help in covering your medical bills and repairs when you have an ideal insurance policy.

Do you know the average annual cost for car insurance in Texas is $1,749? And, the minimum coverage is $611 annually.

There are multiple ways to get an affordable liability auto insurance policy? For example, you can add multiple policies for multiple cars to get attractive deals. Apart from that, there may be offers on multiple insurance policies of different types – such as a home insurance policy and an auto insurance policy.

Some other smart ways include paying your policy in full, keeping a clean record of your driving, and updating regular information of your policy.

However, if you are looking for the simplest way, come to Payless Auto Insurance. Here, you can get more affordable Texas auto insurance without any catch. Payless Auto Insurance aims to assist auto owners like you in getting an auto insurance policy that’s easy, fast, and inexpensive. We bring quick, personalized insurance quotes in just a few clicks.

Here, at Payless Auto Insurance, we bring the cheapest auto insurance and liability auto insurance for you. So if you’re looking for savings, get and compare the cheapest quotes.

Where You can get Budget-friendly Auto Insurance in Texas:

Are you wondering where to get affordable auto insurance in Texas that meets the minimum state insurance requirements? Look no further than Payless Auto Insurance. We are your trustworthy insurance partner for all your queries on auto insurance. 

How do we provide budget-friendly auto insurance that suits your needs? 

First, we enable you to compare personalized quotes. All you need to do is to contact us and answer a couple of questions. After that, we provide you with accurate live quotes. 

If you are worried about the high insurance price at other insurance companies, Payless Auto Insurance has a solution for that too. We bring all possible discounts in one place. So compare and choose the best option for your needs.

There are two ways to get affordable auto insurance at Payless Auto Insurance. One, visit one of our 11 locations in Texas, and talk to our experts to get the right auto insurance policy for your requirements. Second, buy your insurance plan online or over the phone. Contact us at 1-877-469-2131 or write to us at [email protected] to get accurate live quotes. 


Getting an affordable insurance policy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on features or coverage. The best liability auto insurance policy is cost-effective, but it comes with all those essential services and features that a policy must have.

Some of the features that you can avail by getting auto insurance in Texas at Payless Auto Insurance are:

  • Fast, easy, and cost-effective insurance policy services
  • 24/7 customer services via experts who have years of industry-driven experience
  • Multiple insurance options: Visit the nearest Payless Auto Insurance location or buy online/over the phone 
  • Accurate live quotes
  • Easy access to the information you require to get your insurance plan


At Payless Auto Insurance, it is our mission to keep your insurance costs as low as possible. We want to ensure that you get an affordable insurance policy at a great discount and with an outstanding customer experience. Also, if you are in search of liability auto insurance, we’ve services for that too. Reach us to discuss more!

Still, have questions or queries related to auto insurance at Payless Auto Insurance? Contact us at 1-877-469-2131 or write to us at [email protected]. Our experts would love to resolve your questions and provide you with accurate live quotes.