You can get non-standard auto insurance in case:

Everyone deserves auto insurance they can count on! With this vision in mind, Payless Auto Insurance brings the most affordable non standard auto insurance policies for high-risk drivers. Visit any of our 11 locations in Texas to find solutions to all of your car insurance queries. Also, you can get your non standard auto insurance online or over the phone. Reach us at 1-877-469-2131.

Non Standard Auto Insurance: What is It?

It can be described as a car insurance policy for risky drivers. This type of insurance is useful for those who have a poor driving record or an accident-related driving history. Non standard auto insurance companies list these drivers as ‘high risk’ individuals whose chances of accidents are higher than others. Apart from that, this type of insurance is offered to an individual with a bad credit history.
 Many times, non standard auto insurance is described as a standard car insurance policy with higher premiums than normal. However, in reality, the insurance type is more useful for risky drivers than an insurance company.
Typically, insurance companies offer policies to vehicle owners and agree to cover them during an accident. However, drivers with a bad driving history have minimal or no chances of getting a standard insurance policy. This is where nonstandard auto insurance comes to the rescue.
If you’ve been involved in multiple road accidents in the recent past or have a not-so-impressive driving record, this type of insurance is ideal for you.

How to easily get Non-standard Auto Insurance?

you can get non-standard auto insurance in case:
  • Your license has been suspended
  • You’ve received many tickets for traffic violations in the recent past
  • You’ve been caught for driving under the influence (DUI
  • You’re a senior citizen
Although this type of insurance is more expensive than standard insurance policies due to the risks associated, you can get an affordable insurance policy for your requirements. All you need to do is find a reliable, specialized insurance company that offers non standard auto insurance to individuals who require it. At Payless Auto Insurance, you have two ways to buy the insurance type; one, visit one of our 11 locations in Texas. Apart from that, you can contact us via phone or write to us online. There will be just a couple of questions, and after that, you’ll get the insurance policy at a cost-effective price.

Standard vs Non Standard Car Insurance

As discussed, a standard insurance policy is for individuals who are perfect drivers. They don’t have a history of accidents, bad credit, or many tickets.

On the other hand, non standard auto insurance policies are apt for individuals who have a negative track in terms of driving. These types of drivers are called high-risk drivers.

If you are one of them, Payless Auto Insurance has the right policy type for you. Visit our insurance offices in Texas or call us at 1-877-469-2131. We assure you to provide you with the best auto insurance policy at an affordable price.